My new friends who I met walking to Creamland School

My new friends who I met walking to Creamland School

Hi, my name is Mallory Fundora and I am the 13 year old founder of Project Yesu, a not for profit ministry that works in Uganda focusing on vulnerable children and women. I founded Project Yesu in 2011 when I was only 11 years old. Over the past two years I have traveled to Uganda twice and have raised over $20,000. I am sponsoring ten children in Uganda, providing food, medicine and education as well as working with a special needs orphanage and providing micro-loans for the women in the Acholi Quarter.

In 2014 I am starting a feeding program in the Acholi Quarter that will feed breakfast to 50-100 children before they go to school each day. I am also starting a sponsorship program in the village of Musima. We have 112 children in the program, and we only have 11 sponsored as of today. They start back to school in February and without a sponsor many of them will not be able to go back to school.

My ultimate goal is when I am 18 I will be moving to Uganda full time. I want to open a facility that serves special needs children and their families, because there is such a stigma with special needs children in Uganda. Many children are abused, abandoned or worse because people do not understand their disabilities, and have no idea how to take care of them.

You guys are all awesome, I watch your videos all the time. But you guys have a voice that people listen to, you’re kids like me who took a chance to start something and did it. Like me, people probably told you that you’re too young, and that you wouldn’t succeed and now look, thousands and thousands of people watch you all over the world. People tell me that I am silly for asking, but something I have learned since starting Project Yesu is dream, and take chances and give it to God because when you give it to Him, He takes it and makes it bigger and better then I could have ever imagined.

My goals are big, and to reach my goals I need to dream big too. The more people who know my story, the more people that will help the kids in Uganda. I am getting ready to head to Uganda this summer for my 3rd trip over.

Will you help me by telling people my story? Even for you guys to encourage me would be awesome. I met Ricky and JC in Atlanta and gave them some of the mercy we sell for PY to raise money.

Thank you so much for taking time to hear my story and to consider my request. I pray this message will reach you. If you want to find out more about me and my organization you can email me at and find Project Yesu on Facebook.IMG_0470


Mallory Fundora

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