Today was our second day in the Acholi Quarter. Luckily, I got much more sleep than yesterday and had some amazing lemon pancakes for breakfast.

Unlike yesterday, it was a normal day of the feeding program. We were greeted by a long line of school children at 10 o’clock. The kids were so happy and eager to get their porridge but taking time to be goofballs for the camera. After porridge time I got to play games and dance like crazy with some of the kids that don’t go to school. Every time I have the chance to play with the kids, I’m reminded of how their joy has no regard for their circumstances. They are so full of life and joy that you almost forget that their stories are worse than most people could even imagine.

Although I was having an absolute blast with the kids, it was time to have a meeting with our cooks, Agnes and Doreen, and our program coordinator, Santina. This is a very important part of our trip to make sure the program is running smoothly. They are always so great at addressing their concerns and expressing how thankful the community is for the program.

While we were in the meeting, we heard the giggles outside from the kids. My boyfriend Joseph and my brother Pande were playing soccer, or football, with them. Apparently, they were no match for the kids.

Then we took Tiffany and Joseph on a tour of the Acholi Quarter and when we reached the top we showed them the rock quarry where many of the women work. They both got a lesson on how to “break rock” and saw that its not an easy job.

After a nice lunch, we headed back to the Red Chilli.

Now, we’re going for a swim in the pool and pizza.

Sula bulungi!

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