It was another day of home visits for us. The day started out pretty long, we drove to more homes that were further away. After about ten homes, we went back to the community center for some breakfast. Since Eunice, our social worker, wasn’t feeling well and everyone was pretty tired, we decided to call some of the families that we have visited in the past years to come and do their home visits at the community center. This went a lot quicker, we did about 50 home visits in just a few hours. After doing so many houses, Eunice said: “same thing tomorrow?” I think she liked the more efficient way of doing home visits. 

Sometimes a home visit just makes me smile and makes them all worth it. We went to the home of a young couple, they have 2 daughters, the oldest one is in our program. They had a small little home made out of bricks, but the father proudly showed us where he was building to expand their home. I always ask the question “is there anything else you’d like us to know?” when I am doing home visits. The father proudly said, “I love my wife and my family very much”. Ugandans are not known for being overly emotional or romantic, especially for men. We asked how long they have been married, and he proudly said 6 years. They were 21 and 15 when they got married. It was so sweet to see them in love, proud of their family and working hard for a good life.

After home visits, Job took us to see a door that God has left wide open for us right now. It has always been a dream of mine to build a school in Musima. It was just a matter of actually finding land, getting funds and all that fun stuff. Job found the most perfect plot of land right in Musima. Now, this is something that is still in the works, but we are so excited to see where God takes it from here. So if you could, please be praying that all the doors stay open for us. 

My favorite color in the world is yellow, it’s almost a spiritual thing for me. Yellow, to me, means everything good and happy in the world. So when I see the color yellow, I feel like I’m going in the right direction. The land is filled with sporadic glimpses of yellow. There were yellow flowers in the trees and randomly throughout the ground. I think that was God’s way of showing me that he opened that door for Project Yesu. 

Now that we’ve eaten a delicious meal, as always, at Pastor Terry’s it’s time for a movie night.

Sula bulungi!

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