A few months ago my brother Pande was telling me that he had been in church that morning and that a lady had a bible translated into Lusoga, the local language in Musima. He was telling me how excited everyone was to read and touch the bible. I was surprised, I asked him “haven’t you ever seen a bible in Lusoga?” and he said no.

I just kept thinking about that, how I take it for granted every time I open my bible and I am able to read it, in my language, and fully understand it. I knew I wanted to find a way to get more bibles for the village where we work.

I talked to Michael, my Pastor at Grace Community Church, I told him about my friends in Musima not being able to read God’s word in their language. I researched and found a organization in Uganda, The Bible Society, where we could order bibles in Lusoga for $7 USD ea. $7 dollars that is all that stood between my friends and having a bible.

I told Michael what I found out and he said “let’s make it happen” and we did. Van, my youth pastor, talked about it at Relevant and challenged the student ministry to bring in $7 so our friends could read God’s word.

I tweeted about it, and friends in my school were handing me $7 in class. A girl contacted me from another high school, she had gone around and asked for donations and raised $50. Everyone came together to make this happen!

Last weekend the local pastors gathered in Musima, with Pastor Julius and they distributed 75 bibles to the community. Now my friends in Musima can read God’s words, learn about Him in their own language.

There was singing and dancing and just pure joy!

The next time you pick up your bible, think about the people around the world that crave God’s word, and can’t read it, or understand it. Don’t take our freedoms for granted, because they are not universal.

Thank you to Grace Community Church, to Relevant Student Ministries and to my friends who helped make this happen!

Here is a message that Pastor Julius sent…

On behalf of Emmanuel Worship Center-Musima and whole community from the neighboring churches such as:

Musima Christian Center
Faith community Church Kalungami
Trinity United Methodist
Power of Christ Musima
Kalungami Pentecostal
St. Paul Church
We take this opportunity to thank Project Yesu, Grace Community Church, Relevant students and all other friends for building the body of Christ in Musima and Africa
To them that have got a chance to get one many have testified that they have prayed for years to get the Bible in the Languages of their own
I believe we have entrusted these Bibles to faithful women and men who are to pass the message to others
2 Timothy 2:2
May the Lord meet every one at his point of need
Julius Mulumba
Pastor Emmanuel Worship Center Musima

Aboluganda, kiganhula ki omuntu okukoba ati Ali n’okwikiriza ng’ate ebikolwa bye tibyoleka kwikiriza okwo? Okwikiriza kwe okwo kughanga okumulokola?

-Yakobo 2:14 (Lusoga)

What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone?

-James 2:14 (NLT)

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