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Akello Maria


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Today we met with Ayoo Jennifer who works with Reach Out an HIV/AIDS outreach. We walked through the Quarter visiting several women who are part of Reach Out’s program. These women are living with HIV/AIDS. Each of these


Acongo Lucy

women had incredible stories, their strength and courage were amazing. In Uganda there is a stigma still attached to HIV/AIDS and some people are not willing to face it in the community, so they go untreated, and eventually the disease kills them. These women have been strong to come forward, be tested and receive treatment. We visited with Akello Mary, Apiro Maria, Atoo Night, Adiyo Alice, Apolo Susan, Acongo Lucy and Amolo Susan. Many of their stories include husbands who have died leaving them with HIV/AIDS and alone to raise their children. Some of their husbands have found the courage to come forward to be tested and treated, and some husbands have just left their families to fend for themselves. Some have children that are also positive for HIV/AIDS, but some have children who are negative. One of the women Adiyo Alice is also a member of Project Have Hope. After the death of her husband, she received training from PHH as a tailor and now is able to work and provide for her family, and she even owns her own home which is a big honor. Ayoo Jennifer not only works for Rea

ch Out but she is also sick with HIV/AIDS. Jennifer was diagnosed 10 years ago, and is living with the disease. Her strength comes from her children and helping other people live with HIV/AIDS. She is an encouragement to everyone around her, for them to be bold and be tested and treated so they can live with HIV/AIDS. Jennifer works to break the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. She knows how important it is to be treated and to take the ARV medications. Reach Out serves almost 700 people ages 13 – 21 and 300+ children under 13, as well as adults in 4 communities. In the Acholi Quarter, Reach Out serves 85 children and 20 adults



Ayoo Jennifer


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