Fun fact about Ugandans: You never really know any of their ages. This is because it’s rude to ask, and a bunch of them don’t even know their own age. 

Compare that to how we think about ages in America. 

The activities we participate in, responsibilities we either embrace or don’t own, and people’s perception of what our maturity level should be, all revolve around age. I didn’t realize how normal it is for us to only hang out with or look for attention from or participate in things only with our peers. Knowing our different ages allows us to compare. Compare our maturity, the hobbies we still enjoy, our intelligence, our skills, etc. Comparison, feeling like we are better than someone else or worse than someone else, kill joy and unity. 

The past few days, being surrounded simply by God’s children and his family has shown me how age doesn’t matter in the least – in fact, not knowing how old people are eliminates assuming things about them and allows you to simply call them “friend” and embrace their personalities. 

Today I taught and played “duck duck goose” with teen agers. I saw teenage boys make necklaces in our art time today- diligently and proudly, thoroughly enjoying every moment of the opportunity. I have learned from children – people half my age but with so much wisdom and lessons to offer. I sang songs and danced with people all the way from about the age of 60 something down to about 2 years old. 

It is so beautiful and special to witness people being themselves – embracing their God-given talents and personalities at whatever age they are – not caring how they look to the world. 

Laugh often, make a fool of yourself if it brings joy to others, give 100%, don’t ever say “I am too old for this.” 

These people understand that, and have taught me the importance of glorifying God by being his child and loving his people – putting all else aside. 

It’s time we all start embracing the title God gave us as his children… a title where no one is better, prettier, or smarter than another… we are all a family with the same Father to love and glorify. 


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