Our team has arrived, and we’re letting them take over our blog posts while they are here! Today John shared his “journey home”.

To say that I have been looking forward to getting back to Uganda would be an understatement.  I told the people of Musima on our last day in the village back in 2015, “ I will be back!”. 

Fast forward to 2018 and we have one of the largest groups heading to the village ever. My wife Michelle and I along with people from Clarksville TN, Michigan and even Brazil.  All coming together to spread the Love of our Lord for his people, by actions and not words.  Project Yesu does that by helping those who can’t help themselves.  PY is growing leaps and bounds and we are so proud of Mallory.  

Of course with every journey, there are always hiccups.  In Atlanta we had bag issues getting 14 extra 50 lb bags from the Hotel to the international terminal.  Then after getting everything checked in, we headed to Security…. Let’s just say Pastor Terry almost didn’t get his Reese’s because I forgot to take them out of my Scanned Bag.  No worries though Pastor Terry, no Reese’s were harmed in the event.  Then on taxi outbound to Amsterdam, we were told we would need to return to the terminal for repairs on the FUEL SYSTEM…. Can you say prayers started flowing FAST?   Twenty Minutes and it was resolved. Woo Hoo Amsterdam Bound. 

In Amsterdam, we found our gate no problem.  We were all groggy and settled in for a 4-hour layover.  We were wondering where our Michigan folks were?  We kept looking everywhere.  Come to find out those awesome ladies didn’t come in till 9 ish. During the wait, Fernando and I just had to try the Massage Chairs that Mallory and Rory are always talking about. Let’s just say I will be finding one on the way back through Amsterdam.  Then 9 rolled around and our Gate had been changed.  We migrated to the new gate and found our Michigan Ladies. Can I say they were way to chipper for just getting off of a 7 plus hours flight? From all accounts, that’s just the way they are. I loved hearing that one of the you ladies had found Mallory and Project Yesu on Instagram. Started following Mallory and did Bead Sales and fundraisers.  When I heard her say the sentence “The Lord somehow made everything come together for this trip”, I can totally relate.  Seems like we all have been blessed over the years in that respect.  Lord knows things have fell in line for us more than once. 

Right now as I write we are at 35000 feet.  We are all ready to get our week started.  Tonight we land and head to get a few hours sleep at the Red Chili in Kampala Uganda.  Then it’s out to the feeding program in the Acholi Quarter for Michelle and I to see old friends.  Then watch with excitement and our newcomers see first hand the blessing a hand hold and a smile can be.  When they will be surrounded by kids that just want to have a chance and a better life. The feeding program is a madhouse and a little daunting but to see these kids come in with there school uniform on and take a cup, sit and talk to there friends, then head back to school will put a smile on your face.

Will update everyone tonight once at Pastor Terry’s in Jinja Uganda on Today (Monday July 9ths) Adventure.

John Taunton

Project Yesu - projectyesu.org

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