Getting in at 2 am and getting up at 7:30 am has all of us a little groggy.  By all accounts though this team is pushing through. We met up at Breakfast and got to meet our Brazilian team members for the first time.  Raquel and Rodrigo are awesome, what language barrier? Fernando is helping all of us more than he thought he was going to be able too.

After morning devotional we packed up and headed to the feeding program in the Acholi Quarter.  It was so amazing to see the new team members faces when the children start funneling in. I still like the fact that the older kids will help the smaller ones with there porridge.  

Then after feeding the kids it was time for the ladies to dance and sing for us.  It’s always a fun time when everyone has to dance.

We then took a walk up through the quarter to see the rock quarry.  It’s where the ladies that cook the porridge used to work until Project Yesu hired them.  

As usual, the goodbyes are never easy but we had to load up and head to Jinja.  After stopping to exchange money we all are ready for some food. The drive from Kampala to Jinja is about 2 hours.  Once out of the city everything becomes Green! We drive through tea fields and sugarcane.

Next stop….Food in your FACE! Chicken on a stick!  Job, our driver, always gets us fresh chicken. It’s some of the best chicken you can eat.

Fresh Baked Bananas too. I will definitely say we all were amazed at the food and service…..In our Face.

Just a girl and her chicken…..

Now it’s through the Forrest and over the Dam.  We cross over the Beginning of the Nile River.

Of course, we can’t take pictures coming over the Dam.  They will confiscate your device…..

All day today has been a blessing.  Can’t wait for tomorrow and our first day in the village.  Dental and Medical clinics start.

John Taunton

Project Yesu -

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