Today was round 3 of home visits…NBS and Patrick, two members of our staff, promised we would get all 125 home visits done by the end of Thursday…I doubted them, but I think I’m going to lose that bet. After some fruit and tea we were at it again.

This time we actually used the car to drive to the other side of the village…but even with doing that we walked 4 miles today and finished 33 home visits. But after the first few visits, my heart was so heavy.

Two of the homes we visited today had heart breaking stories of domestic violence.  Men marrying multiple women, beating them near death, abandoning their children and not supporting their families. One of the women wants to leave the husband, but doesn’t have the money to leave. These women are so strong to have endured what they have gone through, still trying to take care of their children and make a good life.

IMG_3369Our walks between homes were filled with talking and laughing as always when Pande is with us. At each home we were greeted with joy and hugs, and we were given lots of bananas, avocados, eggs and even a live chicken…we named him lunch because that is what he will be. At one home I snuck over to play with a baby goat…they always laugh at the way I play with the animals.IMG_3251

IMG_3333We officially “initiated” Kamyia who is traveling with us this trip…Musima is known for brick making…many of the families here make the red dirt bricks that are used in the surrounding areas…so we took her to one of the fathers in our program and he taught her how to make bricks…lets just say mzungu bricks don’t make the cut.

IMG_3359After we returned to the center we had a dance party with some of the littles, Pande and our friend Victoria. Victoria is an awesome dancer and was trying to teach me how to shake my hips the way they do…which I can’t!  For me, I will stick with dancing with Noah, one of the sweet little boys in our program.

Then the sun went down on another great day…if you ever want to see the most beautiful sunsets…watch them in the village.

After we returned to the house, we had dinner and hung out with our friend Ester for some girl talk!

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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