IMG_3077Today we headed to back to the village early…after some fruit and tea we headed out for a full day of home visits. This year we have over 120 home visits to do, each year we visit the homes and sit and talk with the families of all of the children who have sponsors, so we can report back to the sponsors and let them know how everything is going. Thats over 120 visits to do…in 5 days, because we want to finish before the team arrives this weekend so we can concentrate on the dental clinic.

So off we went….we started off by hopping on a boda with my friend Kilya and my brother Pande. Throughout the day we walked over 4 miles, and visited 35 of our children’s families, and we climbed the steepest hill ever…but it is so worth it. To me it is so important to show our families that we are part of the community, going and visiting their homes is so important to them. We are always greeted with shouts of joy and lots of hugs. And before we leave many of the families send us off with fresh eggs, avocados, mangos, pineapples or some other gift, thanking us for the work we are doing. It always amazes me, because many of them have so little but they give so selflessly…what if more people were like that? The world would be a much better place.IMG_3062

IMG_3065So back to this hill…I may or may not have fallen climbing up…ok well I did…and skinned my knee pretty good. But…Pande to the rescue…he wants to be a doctor, so he is always quick to take care of me when I am sick or hurt…thats what big brothers are for!

DSC_0160One of the homes we visited was a young girl named Rehema. Rehema was part of our program until about 6 months ago when we received a report that she had left school and was pregnant. Today we found out that she had met a boy, and that he encouraged her not to go to school. Three times NBS, one of our staff, went and found her and brought her back to school, but each time the boy would come looking for her and take her away with him. Once she got pregnant, he disappeared. We hear stories like this all to often, and it breaks my heart. Rehema is so smart, and was a promising student. Now at 17 she is learning to be a mother.

Just like yesterday, the farther we walked the bigger our group became. By the last house I had two new friends by my side. Even though the walk was long, and the hill was crazy steep…I wouldn’t change a thing. Walking, talking, laughing…hearing stories…sharing hugs and some tears….these are the moments that strengthen my love for my Musima family.

Of course before we left we had to play a few games of UNO.IMG_3171

Then again as the sun began to set, we headed back into town to meet some friends for dinner, to catch up and visit.

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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