IMG_4157Today I woke up so excited because i knew we were staying in the village for the next two nights. Village life is not for the faint of heart…but there is no place I’d rather be! I love doing life with them, and being a part of the community, there is nothing better. Nighttime in the village is my absolute favorite…so off we went!

It was day 2 of the dental clinic, as soon as we arrived we went straight to work. We were going to bring in our kids from Nagawa school today so slowly by slowly all my kids are coming home. Its just not the same in the village when most of my kids are away at school.

The team from Hope Smiles and Dr. Kristy have been doing an incredible job seeing all our kids. Today we had a new dentist on our team, Dr. Mercy. It amazes me how good our kids are, most of them have never been to a dentist, and some were really fearing, but they were brave and did so well.

IMG_4212The guys were hard at work on the pit latrine, painting and finishing it up. They have been working with Seca who is an amazing leader. Josh, Pande and David have bonded working together and I am so glad my brothers have someone. They all headed into town today to buy some more supplies.

We were all so busy, the day passed quickly…and then it was time for fun. The boys went off on an adventure, Pande and David took Friday and Josh for a hike up the hill to see the amazing view. Me, it meant playtime and dancing!  One of my favorite things in the village is meal time, because not only is the food awesome, but we all eat together. Mama Justine and the women prepare the food, all together. I love watching them, and trying to help them prepare the meals.

IMG_4339I love watching our team getting to know people in the village and spending time. Soon it was time for bed…and I was so happy because I know in the morning we will be boarding coasters and heading to the rest of our schools and bringing home all our kids.

IMG_4252We were up before the sun today getting ready to head to the schools, one bus went to Mayunge and I went with Pande and Michelle (one of our team members) to Musana which mean I was going to finally see my boys Elvis and Calvin. I was also really excited for Michelle because she was going to be able to meet her sponsor daughter Sumayia. As soon as we pulled into the school the kids came running, I was so happy to see them. I don’t realize how long I’ve been gone until I see how much they’ve grown over the past year. I took Michelle around the school so she could see some of the classrooms and such, then we loaded up the coaster and headed back to Musima. The bus ride was filled with giggles and singing..they were so happy to be coming home.IMG_4299

When we arrived back in Musima the parents and guardians came running to greet the coaster and the kids ran to hug them and hug my mom…they were all so happy that we were back!

IMG_4181We quickly got them ready for the clinic we still had about 80 kids to get through before the end of day Thursday. Once again the day passed quickly and then….it was party time! Let me tell you, ain’t no party like a village party.  We were playing games while the boys got the campfire ready, once it was lit we all danced around the fire, sang songs and listened to stories. its one of my favorite things in the village. Kristy, Josh and Michelle had a chance to share with everyone and it was sweet to hear how their hearts had been captured by our family here. I don’t even know what time it was when all the littles were escorted home and only the older kids were left. I love spending time with my teens, they are so special to me. After I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer I headed to bed, with music still playing outside my window, I went to sleep with a very happy heart.DSC_0130

IMG_4286Thursday was the final day of the dental clinic, and we had about 40 more children to be seen. We were also hoping there would be time to see some of the adults who needed care. Over the 4 days of the dental clinic the team saw 250 children and 20 adults who needed dental care. It was amazing…the kids were proud to show off their new toothbrushes and tell you how many times a day they should brush. The day was filled with love and laughter, having everyone back home in the village.

Of course we had to initiate the rest of the team….so everyone had to take a turn making bricks! The kids love watching a mzungu try to make a brick…and of course had to show off their skills….best one of all…sweet Juliet…she beat out everyone!IMG_4498

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to town for the night..I left with a heavy heart because I knew when we go back the next day it will be our last day in the village, my last day with my friends and family for another year. There are no words to explain how incredible each and every one in Musima is. From NBS who has a heart as big as the ocean, and who loves and works so hard for my kids, to Patrick who is “baba” to all to every sweet face of my kids big and small. There will be tears tomorrow, and lots of them.

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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