IMG_3615Today we hit the ground running with the team, after breakfast we headed to the Acholi Quarter for a Sunday community feeding. During our community feedings we feed more than 500 children.

The team wasted no time, the immediately jumped in and started helping Agnes, our cook, set up and prepare the porridge. We also surprised my brother David, because he didn’t know Pande was with us, so when he came to help he was excited to see him, and now we can all be tougher.IMG_3616

The kids started coming in and we filled their cups and cleaned them to fill them again for the next child. After about an hour we were done. Now it was play time. The kids were so excited to meet the team and have new friends to play with. I was excited to see my friend Promise there, he is an amazing boy and loves to help. He and Ayaa were there helping sort the children, make sure everyone got something to eat, and get ready for the next group. These are the two children I want to raise up as leaders.

IMG_3609Our friend Ochaya put on a performance and had us all up dancing with him and he showed off his rapping skills. I loved watching the kids, even though Ochaya has down syndrome, and to them he is different, they all cheered for him, and danced with him.

After a few games of bolingo we took the team for a walk around the Quarter so they could see the rest  of the area, and the beautiful view from the top.IMG_3637

Then it was time to say our “see you laters” and head back to Jinja. Today is our last day in the Quarter, and I am always sad to leave my friends..but I know I’ll see them soon.

IMG_9627Of course on our way to Jinja we had to stop and introduce the team to the amazingness of chicken on a stick…which they loved. Once we settled in at Pastor Terry’s it was time for some intense games of UNO before having dinner and heading to bed. Tomorrow starts our dental clinic and we have to be in the village bright and early.

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)IMG_3659

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