Today we headed back to Kampala in the morning, our team is coming in for a week.

IMG_9610But first we were finally getting to meet our friend Allan’s wife and daughter. I met Allan a few years ago at our church, he is Ugandan but is now living in the US and serving in the Army. His daughter was born almost a year ago, and they have been going through the immigration process of brining them to the US so this sweet family can be reunited. I was so excited to get to meet Eva and baby Ella. Allan has been serving in our Army and fighting our war, he deserves to have his family with him. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers, Eva heads to Nairobi tomorrow to go through the visa process again.

My brother Pande came with us to Kampala, so we had a quick swim and then lunch…before we knew it, it was time to head to Entebbe.IMG_9620

FullSizeRenderThe team arrived around 8:30pm and after dealing with customs…we headed back to Kampala and had time to sit and talk for a bit before the 2 days of traveling hit them and everyone headed to bed. I’m excited to have the team here. I always love seeing Uganda through a first timer’s eyes.IMG_9625

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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