IMG_3382Today we headed back into Musima to finish up our home visits…but first an impromptu fashion show. I am blessed with some of the most amazing men who live and serve in the village. They are leaders who are trying to make Musima the best it can be. They are amazing role models for the children in the village, the love and care for them all. We always like to bring gifts for our staff and friends…so we brought them new dress shirts. Which started a “who looks more smart” contest. So…we had a fashion show. I think our audience was a little biased, because of course the director Patrick won. But to me they are all winners! IMG_3395

Patrick also introduced me to his jjajja (grandmother) who he had brought back to the village because she has been ill. She is 95 years old which is so uncommon here, the average life expectancy is around 65. She is feisty, woman who can still keep her grandson in line.

IMG_3386For breakfast today we were having rolex…and one of the ladies in the village taught me how to make chapatti. After taking tea we headed out. This time we had to travel about 20km to visit two families who live in the Magawa district on the shores of Lake Victoria. The drive was beautiful as we wound through the roads lined with banda huts. The families were so happy that we traveled to come and see them, and at the last home we had a wonderful feast…fresh fish (which I don’t like), chicken, rice, beans, kalo and watermelon. After we finished lunch we walked to the shore area, the road was lined with vendors, drying fish and fisherman.

The view by the lake was beautiful, we stood on the shore for awhile watching the fisherman bring in their haul, and watching the children playing along the shore. Then a friend of David’s, the father of the family we visited, came to take us on a boat ride onto the lake in his fishing boat. It was so pretty out on the lake. Lake Victoria is bordered by 3 countries…Uganda, Congo and Tanzania it is the biggest lake in East Africa.IMG_3475

IMG_3493After our boat ride we headed back to Musima and i walked down to our playground to check on the construction of the new pit latrine. The men have been hard at work…it is almost done! Now they will have 4 stalls – 2 for boys and 2 for girls.

The best part of tonight is not having to say “see you tomorrow” because we are staying the night in the village…which means dance parties, UNO games and late night talks with my brother Pande. I love staying in the village.

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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