Today was another early start in the village. Day three of the dental clinic and day two of the medical outreach.

As soon as I got to Musima I headed down to the community resource center to see how it was coming along. The playground was already filled with children, I love how the kids didn’t let the giant puddles from yesterday’s rain stop them from swinging and playing.

The men were busy plastering, as soon as I walked up they told me to go inside and see the floor it was finished. It looked amazing! The main hall is almost finished, they just need to finish plastering the walls and paint. Another group of men were busy applying texture to the exterior walls, I wish everyone could see the way they work here. All the modern machinery we have in the US and buildings take months to finish, but here everything is done manually and they have done all this in less than a month.

The kids and their guardians were lined up for the clinics, again today we have both clinics running, dental and medical. A few of the kids were fearing (scared) so I went sat in the clinics with them holding their hands and comforting them.

While the kids were waiting for their spot in the clinic we worked more on sponsor gifts and took new photos of each of the kids. I love watching the kids work on their projects they take such time. While we were working on projects I got to sneak in some baby cuddles…which is always the best part of the day.

Early afternoon the rains came again…next year that won’t be a problem because we’ll have the building to use for clinics but this year…it’s a big problem. Both teams are amazing and try to continue working the best that they can. The rains came and came down hard for about 3 hours and we were back facing a muddy mess…but we still got all the kids through today so we are on track. It’s hard to be ungrateful for the rains because the community needs it so bad for their for now we slip and slide in the mud with a smile.

After the clinics were done we headed into town and called our favorite boda boda driver Ronnie and we went to dinner with our friend Esther. if you don’t know what a boda boda is, it’s a motorcycle taxi that we take around town our out in the village and its the BEST! Hop a boda and go here or there for like 50¢ and guys guess what? The most magical thing….a brownie sundae here in Uganda! Ice cream and brownies…I never have to leave now!

All in all…despite a soggy rainy day, it was good one…because #1 our building is almost complete. #2 my kids are smiling with clean healthy smiles and treated for anything that is making them sick. #3 I’m home surrounded by the ones I love and lastly….ICE CREAM!!!

Tomorrow is shopping day in the market…stay tuned, that’s always an adventure!

So for now…Mweraba!

PS in case you are wondering…we are still in desperate need for donations to our feeding program! You can watch a video message from me here and we are still praying that someone will choose to sponsor my sweet friend Victoria…you can learn more about her story here

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