Today was another day of walking for miles and holding really cute babies – home visits. Luckily, today was pretty easy. NBS took us on all downhill slopes and there was a light breeze all day. I guess God thought we needed a bit of a break. At the end of we day, we counted and we did 110 home visits all together. We’re almost halfway done! We got so many gifts from all the grateful parents. We had a huge bag of eggs, a giant pumpkin, 2 pineapples and lots of avocados by the end of our visits. 

We stopped to visit with Yafessi, the father of one of our boys Namiti Noah. Yafessi is somewhere around 80 years old, and he has been having some health problems lately, so I wanted to go sit with him and see how he was doing. Yafessi is an amazing man of faith and loves his family. He is doing a little better but still looks very weak and frail.

After home visits, we ate lunch. As we were sitting in the hut, we finished a couple of more home visits, when a sweet little boy came in. Ivan is 5 years old and has a smile that will melt any heart. His mom is HIV+ and is currently under treatment, but because the cost of her medicine takes most of her money, she is not able to send Ivan to school. So tonight we featured Ivan on our social media, hoping we can find him a sponsor, so he can go to school.

Then it was time to leave the village for the day because Tiffany is leaving us today and heading back to the States. It was so sad to see her leave her sponsored boy, they both cried and hugged. Nazifa doesn’t understand why she has to leave, and why she won’t be back tomorrow. Those are the tough moments.

We said bye to Tiffany at Pastor Terry’s house later. We’re sad to see her go, but something tells me she’ll be back. After the goodbyes, we went to a meeting with our clinical officer, James. Last year’s clinic had a few minor bumps that we wanted fixed and we were so happy that James had a solution to every problem from last year. We’re so excited to see how this year goes! The best part of the meeting? Ice cream sundaes…hard to find here…but oh so good!

We just got done with a delicious dinner, now it’s time for some work and then bed. 

Sula bulungi!

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