A few years ago, we learned an important lesson, that we needed to take days “off” while we are here, we can’t work 7 days a week, its not good for us or the people we serve. So today was our day off and more importantly its my brother David’s birthday so another reason to stop and enjoy the day.

We started our day off at church. We love our home church here in Uganda, Pastor Terry always does such an amazing job of preaching and today was no exception. God was there, and He showed up big. Its nice to have a home church here, with familiar faces and people who work in similar areas as us, so we get each other. My brothers David and Pande joined us for church too.

After church, we were off to lunch with a group of nurses who are also staying at our Pastor’s house, and some other missionaries in the area. You’ll laugh when you read this, but the best Chinese food I’ve ever had is right here in UG…so off to Ling Ling we went. Lunch with 30+ people took a little longer than we expected so we hurried home to change quickly and we were off on an adventure with our friend Job.

Job has been our friend and driver since my very first trip to UG, he’s my baba (father) here, and he always takes good care of us. He’s an amazing man, who I absolutely adore. He always makes sure that we take some time to step away from our work and see the beauty of Uganda.

Today’s adventure was to Itanda Falls, the beautiful roaring rapids of the Nile River. Tiffany leaves us tomorrow so we wanted to make sure that she got to see some of the local sights too. The falls are beyond words, I just sat there on the rocks watching the roaring rapids…and almost watching one of my brothers fall in because they were goofing off.

After Itanda, we took Tiffany to one of our favorite spots on the Nile River. The sun was starting to go down, so the river was beautiful and the monkeys were running around. We sat and enjoyed the time just hanging out. 

We came back home in time to have dinner, and celebrate David’s birthday with his favorite, chocolate pudding! After dinner, it was UNO until everyone was about to fall asleep. All in all a great day!

Now its time for bed, and to get ready for a busy week of home visits! 

Sula Bulungi!

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