Today we headed back to the village preparing for a very busy week. Today we started the dental clinic. Last year was the first year that we partnered with Hope Smiles a ministry here in Jinja, Uganda that provides dental services to areas of Uganda. Now our program is part of their permanent rotation and each summer they bring a team of dentists and dental assistants in to treat the children in our programs. The team is headed by Dr. Grace, who are are so thankful and blessed has become our friend and loves the community of Musima.

So early we headed out and we arrived just before the dental team did, and the village was already busy with activity. The women were preparing breakfast, the men were working on the community resource center and the boys were busy working on the mzungu toilets..yes you read that right they are building mzungu (flush) toilets in the village…no more pit latrines for us!

Once the dental team got set up it was time to start, 50 children will be seen each day. We line them up, pull their chart from last year and get them ready to see the dentist. Last year many of the children were fearing the dentist because they had never been to one before, but this year they were much more relaxed and comfortable.

While they waited to be seen we had stations set up where they got new photos taken, made a special gift for their sponsor and wrote to their sponsor. I loved watching the kids take their time on their projects they wanted it to be perfect for their sponsor mom or dad.

We asked them to write what does being sponsored mean to me? And I LOVED reading what they wrote, such sweet words. You can’t imagine how much being sponsored means to my kids.

The best part of the day by far was when Mama Shatra the wife of one of our dearest friends in the village brought her new baby twins to meet me. They were born not long after we left last year, and oh my goodness they are both so stinking cute but the best part is one of the twins’ name is Babirye Mallory Fundora, she is named after me! It’s such an incredible honor!

The day was long and busy, but so worth it. I love seeing my kids getting the dental care they so desperately need, and I love getting to spend time with each of them, working on projects and just spending time.

After we wrapped up the clinic for the day we headed into town for a meeting with another ministry so we can learn about their programs and how we can partner together to keep making an impact in Musima.

Now it’s off to bed because tomorrow will be another long and busy day!

So for now…Mweraba!

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