Not too much to report for today, because today was the day to head to Jinja to visit our other program. We had a few errands to run in Kampala before we headed out. The drive to Jinja is about 80km and takes about 2 hours, on a good day!

The drive seems long but is beautiful once you get outside of the city. The road takes you through tea plantations, sugar cane fields, and Mbira forest. And a trip through Mbira means on thing…what we lovingly call it…Ugandan take out, or chicken in your face. If you’ve ever been to Uganda, you may know what I mean. If you haven’t been, well, I’m not going to spoil it for you because its truly an experience, one I love to give new people who come with me. But I will tell you its the best chicken I’ve ever tasted!

We stay with our Pastor when we are in Jinja, and it’s truly our home away from home. We’ve been staying with him for years, and we are always so happy to be back, see everyone and get settled. After lots of hugs, and catching up with everyone who works on the compound, and of course stealing some cuddles from our friend’s little ones, we grabbed bodas and headed into town so Tiffany could do some shopping.

Now for me, bodas are my favorite mode of transportation here in Uganda. I love hopping on a boda and going wherever. We always use our trusted drivers, who over the years have become friends, and always take good care of us.

The first stop on main street was the Source, to grab a quick coffee and then I had to make my first stop which is always to visit my sweet friend Mama Jude, the amazing woman who runs one of my favorite restaurants in town. This firey lady is such a blessing, and I truly love every minute I get to spend with her. She’s been in Uganda way longer than I’ve been coming and it will be a sad day when I come back and she’s no longer here.

We visited the shops of several of our friends along main street, checking out the new things they have and catching up with friends. After shopping, we headed back to the house for a meeting with our incredible social worker Eunice. We are so blessed to have Eunice on our team, and her heart is truly for the children we serve.

After our meeting I found Tiffany working on a sketch for the mural I want to paint in our community building. Then we had a delicious dinner with a team of nurses who are also working in the area, and relaxed and watched a movie.

Tomorrow we head out to the village…so off to sleep to get ready for a busy day!

Sula Bulungi!


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