Today was a travel day, so we had a lazy morning getting things packed back up had breakfast and then headed out of Kampala to Jinja where we will spend the rest of our time here.

Normally its a 2 – 2 1/2 hour drive but today the traffic was bad so it took us over 3 hours to make the 80km (about 50 miles) On our way out of town we ran into a camel…yes, you read it a camel. Some people take a taxi, some a boda and apparently some take a camel. That’s a first for us in Uganda.

The drive from Kampala to Jinja is so pretty once you get outside of the city. You pass through tea fields and sugar cane fields and my favorite part is the drive through Mabira forrest..because that means two things…one we are close and two..chicken on a stick! Or as we call it “chicken in your face”. There are stands along side the road with workers lining the road, once you pull over its on..they swarm your car selling water, soda, fruit and the best chicken you will ever taste. Now it may be the diesel exhaust that makes them taste so good…but seriously who cares they are delicious!

Now we are settled in at our Pastor’s house…we love staying with him, Mama Debbie and their family. it’s like coming home when we are not in the village this is home for the next few weeks.

Tonight we are meeting with our social worker so we can set the plans for this week, our time here will be packed with long days. The dental clinic starts Monday and the medical outreach starts Tuesday, by Wednesday all the kids will be in from the boarding schools and that’s when the fun begins!!

Tomorrow is church and then we are heading out to the village. And guys…I get to see our building! I get to walk through the doors of something I’ve dreamt of so long! I can’t wait!

If you didn’t get a chance to see my video about our feeding program, please take a minute to watch it now..and help us spread the word and let’s get the program funded so we can continue to feed the children in the Acholi Quarter. To donate click on the donate button in the upper right hand corner!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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