Day 4 – 1 July 2016

IMG_2829Today we headed back to the Quarter for our last day with the feeding program. As soon as we arrived Ayaa was already in place ready to help serve the children. Quickly the kids lined up, ready for their breakfast.

Ayala helped serve, and she also helped our cooks Agnes and Judith clean up too. She’s an amazing helper!

I love sitting and watching the children take their porridge. Watching them laugh and be happy. Seeing them look after each other, sharing what they have if someone needs more. It makes my heart so happy. It brings me such joy, because I can see the impact our program is having.

I met a new friend today, his name is Ochayo, he is a special needs boy who lives in the Quarter. As soon as I got there he came to me, and was rapping and singing…so of course I danced with him. Then he put his hands on me and started praying over me. Agnes, our cook though it was pretty funny to watch me dance to his rapping.IMG_2836

We had a quick meeting with our cooks and then we packed up and headed out to Katende to visit one of my kids, Gloria, at her boarding school.

IMG_2932Its a long ride, but worth it to see my girl for a little while. Gloria is a special one to me, and its important for me to see her, find out how she is doing in school and let her know I’m here for her. We arrived in time for lunch, so I waited outside her classroom, the smile on her face when she saw me said it all. It doesn’t matter that there is a year between our visits

Saying “see you later” is always hard, Gloria starts to cry as soon as she knows our time is ending. Even though she knows I’ll be back, its hard.

After we left Katende we headed to Bunga to spend the weekend with my big brother David, to celebrate his birthday, and to visit the school where he is working and meet the founders, his bosses. My big dream is to one day open a school and I look forward to talking to them, and learning from them. I am always so thankful to people who are here serving and working and are willing to invest in me, and help me make PY the best it can be.

IMG_9494We got there in time for a birthday dinner and cookie celebration to say Happy 25th birthday David! Nkwagaliza olunaku olw’amazalibwa olulungi!

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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