Our time is growing short, and the dreaded day is way too close and even though I try not to think about it, I can’t help but get sad knowing the “see you laters” are coming soon. But still we press on, and we headed back to Musima to continue our home visits, and distribute our surprise to the community.

The truck met us at the compound this morning and we loaded everything up and they followed us out to the village. We pulled up to the resource center and unloaded all the supplies. I stood there watching the men help unload and something struck me. The bags they were carrying were heavy…each bag weighed about 100kg (about 200 lbs) Two men would carry each bag, as they prepared to lift the bag the mean grabbed each other’s arm to support the bag and carried it inside. I just watched because that is how they do things here, together, knowing that together if they support each other they can carry the heavy bag. Together if they support each other they can live a good life. It is just something that I love about the village, the community, the togetherness.

After all the supplies were off loaded, we headed to start home visits. It was another 3-mile day up and down the hills (not THE hill, just some small ones). Our friend Esther came out with us today…she may have regretted it after all the walking.

As we were wrapping up, we saw one of our kids Kaigo riding on a boda with his dad coming home from school, he waved so big as soon as he saw us. A little further up the road, we met up with him and his dad. Not going to lie, a Kaigo hug and his sweet smile make any day better. But what really made me smile was watching he and his dad together. His dad is a good one, he loves his family, works hard to provide, and he’s such a good dad. Kaigo walked in front of us, hand in hand with his dad..but he kept turning around and peeking at me, until his dad told him it was ok he could walk with me, so he ran back and held my hand for a bit until we reached his house. It just made my heart happy.

After we finished home visits for the day, we headed back for lunch and then it was time to head down to the resource center to distribute our surprise. We walked in and the building was filled with parents and guardians of our kids. They were there to see us and give us gifts and letters for their sponsors. We sat up front and the women were yelling in a way Ugandan women do..its honestly music to my ears because it means they are happy and celebrating. Then the music start and so did the dancing! We danced and danced for awhile, to be honest, this white girl can’t dance and there’s no way I can keep up with their hips, but it doesn’t matter to them, they love that I try. In those moments it’s joy, pure joy. We danced until finally, Patrick decided we were done and it was time for some few short words..if short words are possible from Patrick.

Then the parents lined up and brought a letter or a gift and gave us each a big hug. That is when it hit me, my time here is almost done for this trip. One of our friends Janepher came and gave me the biggest hug and just cried, and cried. Then one of my older girls Caroline came up and just sobbed in my arms..that was it, I was done. Leaving here gets harder and harder every year, even though I know it’s only 11 months and I’ll be back…it never gets any easier.

After all the hugs, I wiped my eyes and stood up and started getting the blessing baskets ready. Each family was getting 5kg of posho, 3kg of beans, 2kg of salt, a bar of soap and a new basin. I loved being able to give to the entire community, not just the kids with sponsors. When all had been given out we went outside to take a photo, and everyone just starting singing “hallelujah” and dancing around with their filled basins on their heads…it was amazing.

The time had come to load up in the van and head out for the day…we headed into town and grabbed some chapati and rolex for dinner. Tomorrow looms… my last day in the village, my last day with my family.

Off to bed now….sula bulungi!

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