DSC_0705Day 2 – 29 June 2016

After a really good night’s sleep, and I mean good night’s sleep…we headed back to the Acholi Quarter for another day at our feeding program.

When we arrived the kids from the community were already lined up waiting for their porridge. Each day we feed 100 children from the community who are not in school in addition to the 300 children who are in school.

DSC_0577I sat outside talking to the kids in line, blowing bubbles and playing with them. I am always amazed to see the older ones carrying their baby brother or sister on their back or holding their hand. Kids who are maybe 8 or younger caring for their younger sibling, making sure they got porridge even if it meant sharing theirs.DSC_0789

At the end of the program, after all the community and school children had their porridge one little boy stood on the hill looking down at us, he had a cup in his hand. I tried to call him down but he wouldn’t come, so I asked one of the older kids to bring him. He was hungry and did not get there in time to get porridge. So I went inside to see if there was any more left, but there was not. One of our cooks had a small amount in a cup and she poured it into the little boy’s cup. Then two of the other children who were still taking their porridge did the same, they gave him what was left of theirs. I love how here in Uganda people look out for each other, take care of each other, make sure everyone has what they need.

DSC_0076After the program we played games, had some lunch and then we got ready to give out the dresses we brought with us. We had almost 300 dresses to give out. As the children lined up we sized them, put their dress on and got ready for the next child. I love seeing their faces when they have a new, pretty dress to wear. DSC_0068

Then it was time to head back to where we stay, for some dinner and an UNO tournament with our friend Friday..which he cheats!

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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