I woke up this morning knowing it was going to be a good day. We had 800kg of posho, 480kg of beans, 320kg of salt, 160 bricks of soap and 160 basins piled up in the compound. What is all that for you ask? It is for our big surprise!

We are packing 160 blessing baskets for our families in Musima. Every family in our program, not just the sponsored kids, but every family in our program will receive one. Posho, beans, salt, and soap are all staples in Ugandan homes and I’m so excited to be blessing every family with some.

Pastor Terry and a group of our friends from Acacia Community Church, our church here, all helped us scoop, pack and prepare 160 baskets that we will be distributing on Tuesday! Everyone got right to work and in an hour we were all done! It’s true, many hands make light work!

After everything was cleaned up, we had a meeting with our social worker Eunice to talk about some of the kids in our program, future projects, changes we want to make and dreams we have for the future. I know I’ve said it before but we are so incredibly blessed to have Eunice as part of the PY family.

The best part of the day came late in the afternoon when one of my favorite boys came over to visit. Five years ago I met Zeke when he was at Ekisa a special needs home. From the first time I met him, he stole my heart and has had it since. We have an incredible bond, and it just grows every year. The minute he walked through the gate, he saw me and his smile was huge and he just yelled “Auntie Mallory”! I am always amazed that he remembers me each year, and it just melts my heart that he does. He’s gotten so tall, he’s taller than me now, and his voice is so deep!

We played basketball for a bit, and then, of course, he wanted to go to town for a soda, one of our favorite things to do. So we headed to town, went to Jinja market to pick up some things and then took him for a soda.  Then it was a boda ride home before Zeke had to leave. My time is always short with him, but I treasure every moment.

Tomorrow its back to Musima to continue our home visits.

Off to bed….sula bulungi!

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