Today was day 2 of home visits…it was an easy day, we only walked 3.8 miles and saw 35 children.  The view walking around the village will never get old, people think Uganda is dry and a desert but it’s so green, lush and beautiful. No hills today…just lots of walking.

I love going to the homes, meeting the families. We stopped at one of my favorite family’s home…the parents of my sweet Noah. They are the sweetest family, Noth’s dad is 81 years old, which is really unusual here in Uganda. He is just precious, he is so proud of his family and loves them very much. I loved when he told me “I can not see you coming, but Jesus loves me because I can still read my bible every day”.

The best parts of home visits are when I get tag alongs, littles that are not in school that want to walk for miles and miles with me. And I am always humbled when I visit one of my kids’ homes and their families share what little they have with me. I leave with eggs, avocados, bananas and sometimes a chicken. 

We took a break for lunch and after we ate I walked down to check on the painting of the building, we are going to start painting the mural on Thursday, I am really excited about that. And I may have taken a few minutes to take advantage of the playground being empty and took a swing.

Both of my big brothers have been with me for the last week, but Pande had to head back to school today so when we went back to town we stopped at his school. I liked getting to see where he goes. He is studying to be a nurse and then wants to continue on to be a doctor.

Tomorrow we are taking a break from home visits to work on a special surprise for the families in Musima..come back tomorrow and read about it.

Off to bed….sula bulungi!

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