Today was a day off, well sort of. Its something that we learned a couple of years ago, that we needed to take time off when we are here. When we first started coming we worked 7 days a week, because we always felt our time here is too short. But friends of ours here told us we needed to take time to rest, or else we would burn out. So, now we try to…doesn’t always work out so well, but we try.

We started our day off by going to the new farmers market here in Jinja with Pastor Terry and Mama Debbie. It nice to see all the booths set up, good food, plants, flowers, fresh vegetables and some missionary specific things like water filtration systems that we checked out for the village. The best part of the morning was getting to see some friends that we haven’t seen in so long. The missionary community here in Jinja area is big, and we’ve been so blessed to make some great friends over the years, but unfortunately, we don’t always get to spend as much time with them as we would like so it was really good to see them today!

After the market, we went to town to meet with our social worker Eunice and my brother Pande. We had lunch at our favorite place, Ozzie’s. Ozzies is run by Mama Jude, an incredible 80+ year old woman from Australia. I’ve been coming to Ozzie’s since I started coming to Uganda, and my trips are never complete without a visit with this sweet lady…and some of her delicious food.

Once our bellies were full we headed down to the market area to do some shopping for our sponsored children. Many sponsors choose to send some money with us to shop for whatever their child needs, so Eunice reviews what they need the most. This time it was mattresses, blankets and bed sheets. Our kids are going to be so excited to have a new bed to sleep on.

After shopping, we took a quick trip to the bridal shop where Eunice’s dress is and we got to see her in it. She looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her at the wedding in it. Eunice and our friend and head of our dental outreach Dr. Grace are getting married the end of this month and I am beyond honored to be a part of their wedding. 

When it was time to head home, we got to call our favorite boda driver Ronnie. I was so excited to see my friend. Ronnie has been our boda driver for years, his smile is contagious and he has a joy about him that is amazing. I love hearing his “ok please”. 

Now its time to play some UNO, chill and relax at the house and watch world cup! Our team comes tomorrow, so please cover them in prayers!

Sula bulungi!

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