Today we headed back to the village and started our home visits. It’s really important to me to visit every home of our sponsored kids. I like being able to come back and tell a sponsor exactly what is going on with their child, to be able to tell them the status of the family and if there are any challenges.

The village was quiet when we arrived. All the sponsored kids are back to school, I don’t like when the village is quiet, I like when its filled with kids running, laughing and playing…but they have to be at school.

We started off, and then I got to do my favorite thing…when we left one of the homes there was a sweet girl waiting for me. I realized it was Yelsua, who had just gotten a sponsor and I got to tell her. when I told her “you have a sponsor” her face when from disbelief, to shock to pure happiness. It was amazing! Telling one of my kids that they are sponsored will never get old!

Today we visited over 30 children and walked over 4 miles, and up 2 major hills. The roads are worn and uneven from al the rain we have been having and the hill about kills me every time but it is worth it when I get to sit down with a family and talk to them.

After we had done about 10 homes I started to realize something. When I asked the families that have been in our program for some time “what challenges are you facing?” they answered “nothing”. In past years they would say that they struggled to pay school fees for their other children, or they needed bedding (mattresses and blankets) or they wanted income generating projects but now they said nothing. It took me a while for it to sink in what that meant, what we are doing is making a difference, a real difference. Lives are being changed, families are bing strengthened and they are better. Once I realized that it felt amazing, Project Yesu was making a real difference.

We took a quick break for lunch and then headed back out to finish some more visits. This time one of our littles wanted to come with us, so up on my back she went and we headed out.

We wrapped up for the day around 5pm and headed back into town to have dinner with some of our friends. We stopped at one of my favorite places in Uganda, Ekisa a special needs home for kids. I used to spend a lot of time here when I first started coming here, but I haven’t been in awhile. What amazed me is that the kids still remember me, I spent time running around chasing Rachel, sitting with Zak, loving on Josh, getting hugs from Paul and Isaac and listening to Misachi talk! I get so filled with joy being around them. I love Ekisa and the work they are doing!

It’s been a long, tiring but amazing day today but now it is off to bed.

So for now…Mweraba!

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