Day 12- 5 July 2018

Another day of home visits for us, we are almost done we only have about 24 more to do tomorrow! We’ve done 226! We did a few home visits in the morning that were close by in the Kalungami area of the village. This is the poorest area in the village, and some of the most dire cases we have. My day was off to a great start, because at our first home visit, a mama handed me her sweet baby girl while she ran to fetch something. Baby cuddles in the morning are the best way to start the day.

As we were driving back to the community center, we saw one of the mamas in our program. I’m not really sure why she came to the car, I don’t ask questions sometimes. This is a mom that we have known for a few years now. When she came in the car, she told us that her husband left yesterday and she didn’t know where he was. We’ve known her story for years now, but there was never much we could do about it. She has been beaten by her husband. Most recently, he broke her ribcage. We’ve tried to encourage her to leave him, but it has never worked in the past. She bawled in the backseat of our car about him leaving. We all hope he stays gone. We are taking her to the doctor to get her ribs checked out.

 After breakfast, I did more case notes from the community center. I love hearing the parents’ reactions when I speak their local language to them. I’ve been learning it for 6 years, so I’ve picked up quite a bit. They always get really happy that I’m trying, and sometimes they laugh. 

We did about 20 case notes before it was time to head to our meeting in Iganga about an hour away from Musima. We met with the founding directors of Musana Community Development Organization, an incredible organization that is making a huge impact in the community they serve. They have a primary and secondary school, a guest house, restaurant and medical center. I have loved watching their organization grow over the years, and I truly respect and admire the work that they do. I am so thankful that they took the time to meet, and share some advice on how to continue Project Yesu, and grow it to be the best it can be.

My two sponsored sons, Elvis and Kalvin, go to school there so I got to see them for a few minutes after our meeting. I was so excited to see them, and I think I surprised them because they had no idea I was there. We also got to see a few of the other kids in our program, they all ran up and hugged me, I may have interrupted some of the classes and bible studies.  Many of the children that started out in our program so young are almost taller than me, it makes me feel kind of old. All too soon it was time to leave, but we told them all that we would see them next week when we bring them back to Musima for our medial and dental clinics…and of course a big party when our whole family is together…all 300+ of us!

When we were driving in the village we passed by the land twice today…each time I just looked out and prayed, believing that He knows the plans for Project Yesu, and that He will lead and guide our next steps!

Now its pizza for dinner, and to relax before bed…tomorrow brings another busy day!

Sula bulungi!

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