Today I woke up ready to head to the village, I was so excited for two reasons. One, we are sleeping in the village tonight which is always amazing and makes me so happy and two, because ALL our kids will be home today which means my two boys Kalvin and Elvis will be there too.

I woke up to a message from one of my friends that he had chosen to sponsor one of my kids. I love getting to look one of the kids in the eyes and tell them they have a sponsor, the look on their faces is amazing and today I’ll get to tell Kadama Elvis the big news!

As soon as we arrived we headed down to the building to check on things and all the kids were down there helping. They were either cleaning the area of all the construction debris, painting or plastering. I love the way everyone comes to help, big or small, old or young, everyone has a part. As I got closer I saw my boys and I got so happy! They got so big, they’re almost as tall as me now. Before I knew it I was surrounded by all the kids with lots of hugs and smiles, all my kids were home, and we are all together again. I love that they have sponsors and that they get to go to school, but the selfish part of me wants them home with me all the time.

Today was the last day for both the medical and dental clinics and many children still needed to be seen. So everyone was helping to organize the children and get everyone through both clinics. The rain came again, but it didn’t stop anyone from working. The dental team has seen 50+ children each day. They had hoped to see a better improvement in dental care since the clinic last year so we will be continuing to educate our children and families on proper dental care. The medical team screened for typhoid, malaria, and HIV. We had a handful of kids with typhoid, many with malaria and none with HIV!

Our photographer Friday and his friend David came out to the village to shoot a video for the documentary they are working on for Project Yesu. I can’t wait to see the final project, they have interviewed our kids and staff and taken a lot of footage. They are helping to tell my story, and share what we are doing here in Uganda.

The day soon came to an end, but I didn’t mind it today because we weren’t leaving, staying in the village makes me so happy. Just getting to spend time with everyone is the best. We talked and laughed, I got to spend time with a group of my older girls. We danced, talked, shared stories and prayed. Village days are long and nights are late, but it’s my favorite!

Then it was off to bed because mornings come early in the village!

So for now…Mweraba!

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