Today was another early start to the village. As always as soon as I got there I headed down to see the progress of the community resource building. We get to start painting tomorrow, and I am designing a mural that will be painted on the outside of the building, I can’t wait to do it.

We had to start our day with one of those “not fun” meetings about parent’s being responsible for their children, and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to and reporting to the clinics. For some of our families, they fear the doctors so they don’t encourage their children to go so we have to work hard to make sure all of our children get seen by both the dental and medical clinics.

Monday I found out that one of my kids had tripped playing football (soccer) and hurt his toe pretty bad. So we cleaned it up and put a dressing on it and told him to come back every morning to get the dressing changed. And like a champ he has! And his toe is healing nicely.

Afterward, we took a walk and went to visit our friend NBS and his wife Janepher at their new home. In October Janepher gave birth to a set of twins and she honored me by naming one of the girls Babirye Mallory Fundora and the other day we found out that they chose to name the second baby Nakato Rory Fundora after my mom. When I walked into their home I was blown away to see my photo hanging on the wall next to NBS (the father). Photos on the wall are not common in Uganda and are usually only reserved for the patriarch of the family, so I am completely honored to see my photo hanging there. I love this sweet family, they are amazing people.

Then it was time to head to Jinja central market to do some shopping for our kids…it is always an adventure to go to the market. Pande, Vicky, Eunice and our driver Job went in and did the price negotiations because if we walk in the shop, we will be charged mzungu (white) prices so we let them settle the price and then we go in. We bought backpacks, blankets and new shoes for several of the kids.

Once we had all our goodies purchased and loaded up, we picked up my other brother David and headed back to the village. We unloaded everything, said some quick hellos and checked the community center one last time for the day and then headed back into town.

We met up with one of our good friends for dinner, we headed out of town and had dinner overlooking the Nile River…with two sweet girls I have had the amazing pleasure of watching grow up here in UG and a few monkey friends!

I am super excited for tomorrow because all our kids are home now…which means my boys Elvis and Kalvin will be there when I arrive in the morning…PLUS we are staying the night in the village tomorrow because Saturday is our big celebration and building dedication!

So for now…Mweraba!

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