Yet another day of home visits for us! We did the home visits that were further away though, which meant we had the car instead of walking for miles. It sounds easier, but we only did about 25 houses and the day felt so much longer than the rest. 

My absolute favorite part of the day was meeting Emmanuel. He’s the brother to one of the girls in our sponsorship program. We were doing a regular home visit when I saw Emmanuel’s sweet face pop around the corner. He has Down Syndrome, and if you know me, you know that people with this particular syndrome hold a very special place in my heart. As soon as I saw him I had been doing the math in my head to figure out how I could sponsor him. He was the sweetest and silliest little boy I have ever met. you could tell that his parents have been working with him because, even though he’s never been to school, he was very smart. Now he will be going to a special needs school very close to his home and I’m so happy to do that for him.

We stopped to have lunch at our friend Kilya’s house. This family is so special to me, because Kilya is the reason I came to Musima for the first time, and fell in love with the village. Kilya worked at our friend’s house, and back in 2013, he invited us to come to his house to meet his family…well, the rest like they say is history because here we are, 5 years later, and Musima is home to me. Kilya and his wife Prossy are the most amazing couple, he is the hardest working man I know and they both are always willing to do whatever it takes to make their children’s lives the best they can be.

We had one particularly difficult home visit emotionally. There was a boy at one of the houses that looked just like another Ugandan boy that I knew that passed away a couple years ago. The boy at the house has sickle cell and it seemed just as bad as the boy I knew. I just held his hand and prayed over his as I was completing the case notes. In the midst of all the sadness, the next house had the chunkiest baby I have ever seen. I got to love on the baby while we sat with the mama. The baby must have sensed that something was wrong, she gave me lots of big hugs.

After the VERY long day, we ate supper and I got to tell sweet Ivan that he has a sponsor. He was so happy!!

Sula bulungi!

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