After two very long travel days, we are home. We arrived around 10:30p Monday night and after loading up 10 bags of supplies and getting through customs we were met by a group of our friends and family from Musima and our favorite driver Moses. One of the many reasons he’s my favorite is because he met me at their airport with a Miranda Fruity…he loves me!

After lots of hugs and splitting up our bags we headed to Kampala to the Red Chili where we stay. The drive from the airport to Kampala gave me time to just breathe it in that I am back home, the familiar sights, sounds, and smells remind me of my love for Uganda and why I am here. Which is really good because the travel here stinks…its long and about halfway through the 2nd flight I’m ready to give up.

It was after midnight when we arrived and we were exhausted so it was off to bed.

We were up with the sun this morning, we have a little back porch off our room that has a beautiful view so after we got ready for the day we sat there and did a bible study and then headed upstairs for breakfast. If you follow my journals each year you can probably figure out what my breakfast was because Mirinda Fruity and a bacon toasty is for sure the best breakfast ever.

Then we headed off to the Acholi Quarter where our feeding program is. The children were already lined up when we arrived, but when they saw our car they came running. It always amazes me how much they grow and change over the year since I last saw them, babies are now walking my littles are now big. But they run up and hug me as if I just saw them yesterday.

Our cooks were already hard at work cooking the porridge, you guys I can’t even tell you how amazing our cooks are but I’ll save that because I’m going to introduce you to them in another post. And our friend and photographer, Friday was there waiting for us too.

Once the porridge is done the first group to be fed are the community children, it is about 150 children who are either too young or just don’t go to school. Once they are all fed its time for our school children’s morning break. You can tell when they’re coming because you can hear their laughter and squeals as they head up the road. It is incredible how we get all 300 children fed and back to school in 30 minutes.

We took a walk around the Quarter to say hi to friends and show Friday around when we went to the top of the rock quarry the ladies showed mom how to break rocks and make gravel. Then I spent the afternoon playing with some of the littles until it was time to eat lunch. 

One of my favorite boys came around, Ochaya found out I was in the Quarter and came to give us one of his amazing performances. He raps, preaches and prays over us, its pretty awesome. 

Now it’s back to the hostel where we stay for a much-needed nap so I am ready for day 2 tomorrow!

So for now…Mweraba!

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