IMG_9385Day 1 – 28 June 2016 I am HOME! It feels so good to be back in the place that holds my heart! We arrived late last night, and in top news…all 10 of our bags made it! It was a giant welcome home party at the airport. Our favorite driver Moses was there to pick us up, but we also got to see Pastor Terry and his wife and Patrick, Kilya, NBS and a group of ladies from Musima made the long drive to meet us! it made me so happy to see everyone! After 2 long days of traveling we were exhausted…we made it to the place we stay after midnight and went right to bed!

I was awake before the sun..I always am the first day! Its my favorite thing to watch the sun come up, hear the staff start getting ready for the day and just soak it in that I am home!

We got ready, ate and headed to the Acholi Quarter bright and early so we could be there for the start of the feeding program. Each day we are feeding over 350 children during their morning break from school. We have a new cook so I was looking forward to meeting her, Judith Aketch is a wonderful addition to our staff and she works well with Agnes to prepare and cook enough porridge to feed all our kids.

IMG_9395Around 9:30 the little ones start lining up, the ones who are not yet in school. Standing in line, holding their cups for what could be their only meal for the day. After the littles clear out, the school age children start to come. They quickly fill their cups, drink their porridge and make sure they are back to school in time.

Well…everyone but 3 of my kids who think If I am here, they don’t have to go back to school. Gabriel, Makmot and Lyida, three of my six children I sponsor in this program. I have been sponsoring them for almost 5 years now. I love how our friendships have grown over the years, their smiles when they saw me said it all. I couldn’t believe it when Lydia walked in, she is growing from a young girl, into a beautiful young lady. Gabriel has grown so tall over the past year and Makmot is still my shy, quiet little one with a mischievous smile that captured my heart years ago. IMG_9398

After everyone went back to school Jennifer and Mom took Kamyia on a tour of the Quarter. The view from the rock quarry at the top of the hill is beautiful. Then it was time for a meeting with our staff to discuss the program and ways to make it even better. Then my big brother David came, he is on holiday from his studies so he has some time to spend with us. I was excited for him to see the Quarter and see my program, and most of all I was just happy to see him. We wrapped up today on the early side, we are all still pretty tired from traveling. So it was off to exchange money, get some airtime for our phone and head back to the place we stay to relax, swim and spend time with friends. Tomorrow will be a busy day…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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