Sunrise in Butabika

I woke up this morning before the sun was even up…that is normal on the first day….no sleep! We arrived in Uganda after 24 hours of traveling and made it to where we stay after midnight. We were met at the airport by our driver Moses, and my brother Pande. Walking out of the doors, seeing their faces, just made me smile to know I am home. And guess what they had waiting for me? If you’ve been following along over the years you know it must be a Mirinda Fruity! My absolute favorite drink here!

Today I started my day with a bacon toatie…my favorite breakfast! After everyone woke up we headed out to the Acholi Quarter where we have our feeding program. Since its Sunday, we had a community feeding where hundreds of sweet faces crowded into the Project Have Hope community building for a cup of porridge. 

As soon as our van pulled up the hill I could hear the children yelling, “Mali!” they knew I was back. When I opened the door I was quickly surrounded with the big brown eyes and beautiful smiles I love and have missed so much.

We were greeted by our program coordinator, Santina and our two cooks Agnes and Doreen. These amazing ladies had already been busy working and preparing the huge pots of porridge that would feed hundreds. 

Community Feeding

We quickly got to work, lining kids up getting them ready for their cup of porridge. I love how my brother Pande jumps right in to help even though this isn’t his community, it doesn’t matter, I love and adore his heart for children and his desire to help.

Once breakfast was done, and all was cleaned up we brought in all the boys so they could receive a new pair of shoes. Hundreds of boys, from babies to teens waited patiently fo be next. And their smiles when they looked down and saw a new pair of shoes was priceless. 

Just before lunch was to be served, my other brother David came to spend the day with us. I can’t tell you how much I miss these two, and being apart for a year is way too long. Funny how siblings don’t have to be blood-related to pick, tease and have fun together. 

We sat with Santina, Mama Oyet, Janefer and Sylvia four of the most amazing women I know. They shared their stories with Joseph and Tiffany, who are here for their first time. Telling them of life in the North, and how they ended up in the Acholi Quarter so far from home. Some of the details of Mama Oyet’s story I had never heard, I guess before she thought I was too young to hear the details of what the rebels did to her and the rest of her community so many years ago. It just made me admire her that much more. 

Jet lag hit pretty hard, and we were all tired so we headed back for a quick nap and some serious UNO playing!

Until tomorrow…sula bulungi! (sleep well) 

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