25 June 2013

IMG_0372Today we spent the day in the Acholi Quarter. There is something so wonderful about the Quarter, a beauty that shines through the worn and tattered land. A 1 square mile area, that is home to around 6,000 Acholi people who have relocated from Northern Uganda. The tiny pathways that weave between mud homes are filled with children playing, chickens, goats and dogs roaming, and the beautiful faces of a group of people who have overcome so much in their lives. We started our day with Acholi lessons…learning how to speak their native language. Most of the children who go to school can speak some english, but knowing how to say things in their language makes them happy, and maybe laugh at us a little. Mzungus speaking Acholi is funny to them. Then we went and visited with Mama Aleng, the mother of Steven, one of Mallory’s sponsored children. We spent time in their home, and she taught Mallory how to grind simsim seed to make a peanut butter like paste. Then we walked up the hills and visited with Darcus, Gabriel’s mom, and got to spend time with Gabriel while he was on break from school. After that we walked to the home of Paska. Paska is the woman who we gave a micro-loan to so she could purchase a loom. Now she is making sweaters for the schools in the area, and providing for her family. Paska showed us how she uses the loom and made part of the sweater. After Paska’s house we returned to the center for lunch, and Mallory was so happy to have her favorite Acholi foods, peas, chapati, irish and matoke. After lunch we started to hand out the over 500 pillowcase dresses we brought with us, we gave out about 50 dresses today, and the smiles on the girls’ faces were priceless. Busy but wonderful day! Now we are relaxing back at the Red Chilli, having some food, then its showers and bed..tomorrow will be another wonderful busy day!

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