24 June 2013

After 2 very long flights and very little sleep, we arrived in Uganda early in the morning. That familiar sense of peace hit me as soon as we landed, knowing in my heart that we are exactly where God wants us to be.

Thankfully all our bags made it safely too. We made it out of the airport and met up with Kendra from Matooke Designs who picked us up. After a few pit stops, and of course a Mirinda Fruitty (Malilory’s favorite drink) and a Novina (my favorite drink) we made it to Kampala and checked into the Red Chilli. We were greeted by our sweet friends, and relaxed a bit before we headed off to the Acholi Quarter. As tired as we were, Mallory couldn’t stand waiting to see everyone, she had to go.

We arrived at the Quarter, and we were greeted by the amazing women. There were big smiles and hugs for everyone. Then the women sang songs and danced for us. Mallory loved dancing with them, and sharing their friendship. She was quickly surrounded by the children, climbing on her lap, biding for her attention. After a few songs and dances, Mallory went outside with the children, bubbles were passed out and the fun began.

After a couple of hours, the jet lag and fatigue hit us and hit us hard. We headed back the Red Chilli and had a quick bite to eat, showered and now everyone but me is passed out..think I’ll join them. We will write more tomorrow.


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