Dollars for Dreams

Our dream of opening Suubi Academy by February 2024 is not possible without YOU!

Our goal is to raise $275,000 that is a HUGE amount, but as you can see it just takes one person to give a little, and then another, and another…and before you know it our dream is a reality!

Would you commit to donating $1 – $5 – $10 or even $20 a month for 36 months?

$1? One Dollar? It seems like such a small amount but if 1,000 people donated $1 a month for 36 months that would = $36,000

Can you imagine how quickly $5 or $10 multiplies?

We spend more than $1 on one soda or one coffee in a day! $1 doesn’t get us much here in the States but $1 in Uganda can go far to change the life of a child FOREVER!

After you donate, challenge a friend, family member, co-worker or random stranger on the street! Spread this, share it, challenge someone today!


NOTE: All monthly donations will end automatically after 36 payments

Are you ready to make the commitment?


Are You ONE?

When ONE person decides to make a difference. When ONE person opens their eyes and heart to those in need. When ONE person stands strong against the tide of people telling them what they are doing is wrong. When ONE person gives their money...time...their gifts...their talents. When ONE meets another ONE and another and another the ONE becomes many, and the world changes!

Are you ONE?

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