Mali's booth for CrossStreet

As I sit here tonight writing this blog, there is a smile on my face and a peace in my heart. Today Mallory had a chance to speak at all 3 services at our church, to our children’s ministry called Cross Street. Watching her stand before groups of children ages 5-9 years old, telling them about Project Yesu and what she wanted to do made my heart soar. Watching her go from small group to small group, answering the children’s questions, helping them write on their cards made me smile until my cheeks hurt.

I loved reading the messages that the children wrote to their new Ugandan friends on the Christmas Cards that Mallory designed. “I hope you get food”, “Just remember, Jesus loves you” and “God is always watching over you” were some of the sweet messages they wrote. The Cross Street kids were anxious to know if we would be sponsoring a boy or a girl. They wanted to know what their name were. They wanted to meet their new friends.

Mali speaking during large group time

When Mallory wasn’t speaking to the large group, or working with the children in small group she manned her booth with a display board that had pictures of the beautiful faces of the children from Amazima Ministries and Project Have Hope. She answered parent’s questions about Project Yesu and handed out flyers to everyone who walked by.

Late in the morning she finally took a moment to look at her donation jar, and realized that there were tens, twenties and even hundred dollar bills inside. She hugged me and started to cry, not sad tears but tears full of happiness and pride. She hugged my neck and said, “I’ll make my goal today Momma, and I’ll be able help to even MORE children”.

Cross Street kids working on their Christmas cards

I sit here tonight thanking God for igniting a fire in Mallory’s heart for the children in Uganda, thanking Him for leading her to step up and take a stand, thanking Him for empowering her to Be The Change!


This week we will be boxing up over 600 Christmas cards to send to the children in Uganda. We still have over 3 weeks to keep raising the funds to sponsor children, the deadline is December 15th. Right now Mallory will be able to sponsor 2 children….maybe by tomorrow it will be 3….then by the end of the week 4…with YOUR help she will be able to change the lives of many children in Uganda and that is the greatest gift of all.


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