Mali and friends

Mali and friends

When we were in Uganda this past Summer, one of our missions was to see where Project Yesu would go next, how would we grow PY and what we are doing in Uganda. We made a pact that no decisions would be made while we were in country, we would gather information, visit new areas, meet new people, learn, ask questions, find out information…but we would wait until we were back in the States to evaluate all the information, and to make a decision. Why you may ask? Because when we are in country, its hard to make decisions with our minds and not our hearts, When you are in a country you love surrounded by people you truly and genuinely care about the need is overwhelming. We needed to be able to process, to make sure we were helping in the right way, in a way that would make a lasting impact.

Now we are proud to announce two new programs that we will be launching in 2014.

Acholi Quarter Feeding Program

The first program is a feeding program in the Acholi Quarter that will feed between 50-100 children breakfast each weekday before they go to school. When Mallory was in the Acholi Quarter, she learned that many of the children were going to school hungry each day. Many parents have to leave early in the morning to find work to earn money to support their families, and many times children are left with little to food in the morning. She had heard many stories about studies done here in the United States about the importance of a good breakfast and the ties to learning and better performance in school. She thought to herself, “Don’t my kids deserve the same in Uganda?” and that is when the feeding program came to be. We talked with Ayaa Grace, our main contact in the Acholi Quarter, and the breakfast program is something she had been wanting to start for some time, knowing the importance and benefits for the children. So when the children go back to school in February they will be able to get a nutritious breakfast before they go to school.

The cost to support this program is $400 a month that is less then 30¢ a day per child.

Musima Sponsorship Program

The second program is a school sponsorship program in the village of Musima. Many children in the village are forced to work to help provide for their families and are not able to go school, and many families can not afford the school fees for their children. There is a community initiative in the village that is working to provide families with plots of land for farming, and teaching modern farming techniques. This is providing food for the family and also providing a source of income which means the children do not have to work and can now go to school.

Through our sponsorship program an individual or a family can select a child in the program to sponsor. Your donation of $300 a year (or $25 a month) provides a child with the opportunity to receive the education they deserve, and that we take for granted here in the US.

A representative from Project Yesu on the ground will routinely visit with the families of the children enrolled in our program and with the head masters of the schools to insure our children are being successful in school.

Through this program, you will also develop a relationship with your sponsored child. When you enroll in the sponsorship program you will receive a packet with information about your sponsored child. Throughout the year you will receive photos, letters and updates about your child. Each year when we travel to Uganda we will deliver letters or gifts to your child letting them know that someone loves them and cares for them.

Will you consider helping us by donating today? Make the difference in the life of a child!

If you would like to donate towards one of these programs you can click on the button below. You can do a one time donation, or a reoccurring monthly donation. If you are donating to sponsor a child, we will contact you to match you with a child in our program.

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