Ayoo Jennifer Akello

When I was in Uganda, I spent time in the Acholi Quarter getting to know the amazing women from Project Have Hope. Each woman has a story about how their life has been effected by the war in Northern Uganda, how they have survived and are making a life for themselves and their family in the Quarter. Many of these women are single parents trying to raise their family and provide for them.

Project Have Hope has provided vocational training to Ugandan women in the Acholi Quarter who are striving to become self-sufficient and provide for their families’ basic needs. The women choose a training course according to their interests and upon graduation, a loan is needed for the individual to start her own business.

Akello Paska

This program provides community members with the opportunity to learn new skills and establish businesses that lead to self-sufficiency as they are strive to rebuild their lives. As a result, graduates become empowered and are able to provide the basic needs for their families.

In September, three women, Akello Paska, Ayoo Jennifer Akello, and Anyiri Estarina graduated from a training program in knitting. They have learned how to use a complicated machine enabling them to knit eight sweaters in a day. Sweaters are a part of every school’s uniform, so knitting can be a successful enterprise. These three women now each need a grant of $350 to purchase the machine and open a small shop.

Anyirl Estarina

This is where I need you, I want to raise $1,050 to buy three looms so these amazing women can open a shop and provide for their families. Will you help me make a difference in these women’s lives? Donate today!

UPDATE: All three women received their looms! Thank you to everyone who donated! Here is a video of Akello Paska with her loom

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