Auntie Becky from My Father's House

Auntie Becky from My Father’s House

Today we traveled to Busega on the northwest side of Kampala to visit My Father’s House an organization that helps orphaned and vulnerable children. Auntie Becky first came to Uganda in 2007, and then moved here in 2009 and started My Father’s House. She started a primary and nursery school in February of 2009 with only 30 students, by May she had 150 students. Today Royal Hope is home to over 300 students, she also runs a girls home which is home to 13 girls and a boys home that is home to 7 boys.

We were able to visit Royal Hope, meet with some of their staff and teachers, visit their classrooms and of course meet the students.  We were able to attend church with them, listen to the student choir sing and hear Auntie Becky preach.

The mission of My Father’s House is bring to children who are orphaned or vulnerable the word of God. Teaching them that they have a Heavenly Father, who loves them unconditionally, will never leave them, who is a King and they are Princes and Princess.

They provide education to families that would otherwise not be able to afford it, they offer medical care and two meals a day.

You can see the love the children have for Auntie Becky as she walks around greeting them, checking on them and showing them the way to a better life.

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