Skyping with my friends at NISTA couple of weeks ago, we got an email. Unfortunately we get some pretty crazy emails on our Project Yesu email, so at first we almost deleted it. But something said to keep reading. It was an email from a girl in Thailand named Hannah, she told us how her teacher had told them about Project Yesu and that they were reading and learning about me and PY as part of their class. I was homework? That is so cool!

Let me go back a little bit. In January I wrote a guest blog for Angela Maiers, someone my mom knows and admires. Well Mr. Sam a teacher at New International School In Thailand read that blog post, and he used it in his class, and gave his students an assignment to read it and to answer these questions and they had to comment on their class blog:

  • Tell us about Mallory’s spark. What was it? Why was it such a powerful spark for her? What connections can you make to her spark?
  • What strategies did Mallory use to create energy? What do you think of these strategies? What connections can you make to them? Could some of them work for you?
  • What shifts of thinking or changes did she cause? How do you think this made her feel? What has this done to her reputation? How might these achievements affect her future?

It was crazy to see my name used as an assignment. But I loved reading the students posts, they had great ideas and were passionate about them. My mom contacted Mr. Sam on Twitter and we set up a Skype date with the classroom. Which was really cool because it was Sunday night here, and Monday morning in Thailand. So I was kind of in the future. We Skyped for about an hour, and they asked questions and I got to hear more about their ideas.

See in Mr. Sam’s class they have to come up with a project, something that they want to do to change things in the world. After talking to them and reading their blog posts, it was so hard to believe they were only Year 6, which here is 5th grade. Their school is so cool, they are all from different places around the world, their parents work in Thailand. Some were from England, Africa, and all over.

I love meeting new people, and hearing their stories. I hope that I keep in touch with my new friends I can’t wait to see how their projects turn out.

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