Mallory's I Have a Dream paper from 9/2/2010

I was cleaning my desk today, and I came across a paper that Mallory had written for class last year. The date on the paper was September 2, 2010. It was her I have a dream paper. I sat in my office reading it, with tears in my eyes.

It says…

I have a dream that the world would be a safe place. I want to make a difference. I want to help people in Africa. I want to make a organization to save babies or badly abused children and feed them and save them, then give them back to their families. Also if they don’t have families I want to adopt them.

On the bottom of her page her teacher, Ms. Williams wrote.. WOW! 100%

Over a year later, as I read it, that is my reaction also…WOW!

Mallory you ARE making a difference..and now you have started an organization to help Africa and to help save the babies. Amazing how things happen when you are following HIS lead and walking in HIS will. I am continued to be amazed by my daughter at age 11 she is teaching me more and more about faith everyday, teaching me to be a stronger believer and to follow HIS lead!


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