Today was another normal day of the feeding program, 500 kiddos came in at 10:30 with hungry bellies and smiling faces. Yet again, they were hamming it up for the camera while eating their porridge. I also got to see a friend of ours Jennifer, and her sweet baby James. I met Jennifer on my first trip to Uganda back in 2012, she’s an amazing woman who worked within the HIV/AIDS community in the Acholi Quarter.

After the feeding program, it started pouring down rain. Since it was too wet and muddy to play outside, some of the kids not in school came to play with us inside. We were visited by our friend Ochaya, the rap prodigy. He is a boy from the Acholi Quarter with Down Syndrome that can rap faster than anyone I’ve heard and can break it down with some crazy dance moves. Three of the boys joined him in dancing through his 6 encores. 

Although we very much enjoyed the show, it was time for lunch and then we headed to nakawa market to buy supplies for the program. Now, the market is an experience on a normal day, but on a rainy, muddy, day…even more so. We wound our ways through the narrow paths of lean-to booth and vendors hocking their merchandise, stepping over puddles and slippery mud. We heard over and over…Mzungu come buy from me, mzungu you come here. We had Santina with us, but vendors still tried to charge us a higher price because we were not locals…but we’ve been here long enough to know how to handle that.

After we made our purchases we headed back to our favorite spot and treated Santina, our program coordinator, to yummy frozen yogurt. Once we got back to the hotel, my brother David came to visit, and it was UNO and lots of laughs.

Anyway, now it’s time for bed.

Sula bulungi!

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