In times like this global pandemic, our faith is put to test. Whether one believes in God or not, it’s inevitable to imagine that there’s a power that is beyond our control. All of us need something from outside our own selves, our limits and capabilities, to find comfort and love. If we have spent our entire lives investing all our hopes in the things of the world, we’re now being reminded that what we need is more than that. We need to have more faith in God for He’s the one who is in control. I was reading a friend’s post this morning and it read: “When you see scientists putting their faith in God for a miracle, then you know God is in control.” Science is man’s way of trying to interpret God’s mysterious creation. We pray that He continues to give wisdom to those that are working hard to find a cure for Coronavirus.

Like anywhere else in the world, Ugandans have mixed feelings about the position of God in this situation.
Could it be that God is angry with His creation? Maybe, some people think so.
Or, could it be that this situation is part of God’s greater plan for humanity so that no matter what we go through, He still remains God who will glorify those that endure through such hard times? The opinion of people anywhere in the world may be divided, but that is not something that should matter a lot right now. This is the time that we need to share the love that God put in our hearts. This is the time we need to care for one another so that we all thrive through these difficult times.

As you can imagine, the biggest population of any developing country doesn’t have access to the internet. This means that a lot of people who cannot access online Sunday services have been cut off from the word of God. Churches and schools were the first institutions to be closed in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus. Most Ugandans in rural areas might be undergoing a moment of spiritual retardation. No spiritual food means no spiritual growth, and eventually, our faith begins to wane. Our prayer is that people should still recognize the fact that God still loves us all. He will deliver us. He will save those who believe and trust Him regardless of what they are going through.

We have been thinking about what we can do to help the people that we serve and love. As Ephesians 2:10 says, we are God’s workmanship and we’re to do the work that He already made beforehand. And through the hard work and much love of ┬áMallory and Rory Fundora for the people of Musima village, fifteen handwashing stations are being set up at different locations. Sharing love is what we need in such times. It is one way of preaching the WORD. The word itself is LOVE. People will know that God is at work.

Ugandans have been sensitized well enough about the importance of handwashing in the fight against coronavirus. We will continue to do our best to ensure that everyone of big family of Musima is safe and well. We continue to pray for love and blessings upon all those who are making sure that the children of our project have access to education and a good life.

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