28 June 2013

IMG_0729Today we traveled to Busega on the northwest side of Kampala to visit My Father’s House an organization that helps orphaned and vulnerable children.

When we arrived at the Royal Hope Academy, the school Auntie Becky founded, we were met by Teacher Robert and Khana Amoit, the head mistress. They told us about the school, and their students. While we waited for Auntie Becky, Teacher Robert showed us around the school and we got to visit some of the classrooms. We were greeted in each classroom with the familiar “welcome our visitors, you are most welcome”. We introduced ourselves to the children, and answered any questions they had. The school and classroom were much like Creamland School in the Acholi Quarter, dirt floors and wood plank walls. The students are dressed in their uniforms and sitting on wood benches.

We caught up with Auntie Becky and visited the baby classroom (Kindergarten) where they were singing and learning their rhymes. After the baby classroom we walked to the church, where the children lined the pathway singing a song welcoming us. Sitting in worship with the children is an amazing experience. Watching them raise their hands and sing to God with such desperation, love and passion brought tears to my eyes. The choir of students sang songs and danced, praising God. We were quickly covered with children, each of us with one on our lap. The little ones on mine and Megan’s laps feel asleep before service was done. There was a sweet girl standing in front of Mali and while they sang Hosana she was on her knees, eyes closed singing and praising the One who loves without boundaries, is the Father to the fatherless and Savior to us all.

After service we went back to the school where we spent time with some of the little ones before we had lunch. The cooks at Royal Hope made for us a delicious lunch of matooke, meat, rice, cabbage and tomatoes. During lunch we got time to talk with Auntie Becky and hear her story. Her heart is so much like Mallory’s longing to help the children of Uganda.

After lunch we went out to the courtyard and played games and sang songs with the children until it was time for the children to go home and we headed back to the Red Chilli. It was great to get to visit, meet Auntie Becky and her staff and hear about My Father’s House.

Tonight Mali also got to meet Joel, he is the artist that make the “Be The Change” tire bracelets that we sell in the Project Yesu store. It was great to meet him in person, hear about his art and get to know him better. We look forward to working with him more in the future. Mali_Joel

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