100DaysIn 100 days we will be traveling to Uganda! Thanks to you and all our supporters Project Yesu is helping to change the lives of children in Uganda. Partnering with organizations on the ground to provide food, education and medicine.The need is great, and we want to do more!

If each day for the next 100 days just one person donated $10 – we would have an additional $1,000 to make a bigger difference, to help more, to “Be the Change”.

Each of the organizations that we work with send us a “wish list” before we come – with the extra $1,000 we will be able to get them what they need! We can also pay for “extra” bag fees so we can bring all our supplies over.

Come on, $10…thats one movie ticket, dinner out, a trip for 2 to Starbucks. How did you spend $10 today? How far would that same $10 go in the lives of the children of Uganda.

Help us reach this goal –¬†click on donate TODAY.

Spread the word, share it on your FB page, tell all your friends…will today’s donor be you?

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