FACT: Did you know that for only $1 you can feed a child in Uganda for 7 days?

My boys..Elvis and Kalvin

Day 16 – 24 July 2015

Again I woke up to the sounds of the village waking up…its one of my favorite things. Everyone was hustling around getting ready for the big day…today we celebrate the […]

August 2, 2015
I think they're a little excited for it to be finished

Day 15 – 23 July 2015

I love waking up in the village…the sun is barely up and I can hear familiar sounds. The roosters crowing, the women up cooking, the kids cleaning the compound…the sounds […]

July 29, 2015
The kids playing on the side before it is built

Day 14 – 22 July 2015

The day is finally here…the playground build will start today!! I am so thankful to Richard for all his hard work to make it happen. I am also really excited […]

July 28, 2015