IMG_2781Day 3 – 30 June 2016

Jet lag returned last night…I was awake from 4a-6a and then my brother Pande called us at much for sleep, but thats ok.

We had breakfast and then headed back to the Acholi Quarter for another day in our feeding program. Today it was all hands on deck because it seemed like the kids multiplied today. I had a line of kids, my mom had another line and then we had all the school children eating inside.

But again in the middle of craziness…something good happened. Two of the children in the community program stepped up as leaders to help. Ayaa and Kenneth are maybe 10 years old, and without being asked they started organizing the children, helping serve, making sure everyone got some porridge and helping. I love when our kids show themselves as leaders, it got me thinking…I want to start a youth leadership program in the Quarter for kids like Ayaa, Kenneth and another child Promise who have shown great leadership.IMG_2807

After we were all cleaned up from feeding, we gathered some of the community kids to do some crafts. We have some amazing artists in our program, I love seeing their creativity and talent, and I love how they bring me their work to show me, and sometimes give their artwork to me to keep, and I treasure every one.

IMG_2806Then we headed out to the central market in Kampala…now if you are picturing Walmart….you are way off! The central market is a crazy, insane maze of stalls of shops, crammed with LOTS of people, and everyone wanting your business, especially if you are a mzungu. But for me, I love it, I think its fun! Plus we had my big brother David, and one of our friends Michael with us, so I wasn’t worried at all.

IMG_2815After the market we stopped and had lunch all together just talking and laughing…I am blessed with amazing friends here in Uganda, who love me, support me and my work. Tonight its more UNO with David and

So now off to bed…Sula bulungi everyone! (Sleep well!)

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