Students at TC Cherry Elementary showing their artwork for their calendar

Students at TC Cherry Elementary showing their artwork for their calendar

In January we were contacted by Ms. Koedyker, a teacher in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She and a group of her students were learning about human rights activists. Ms. Koedyker shared my story and how I started Project Yesu with her students. calendar3She and her students decided they wanted to sponsor a child in our sponsorship program, and the students had a great idea about how to raise the $300 sponsorship fee. calendar2They created and designed a calendar with information about human rights activists and sold them to raise the money.

They worked hard researching each activist, and got the basic facts on them and that is the information they are using for their calendar.

It makes me so happy seeing kids being the change, and coming up with ways to make a difference in the life of a child in Uganda.

calendarRecently they received their first letter from Namususwa Sharon, their sponsored child. Sharon shared with her new friends about her family, her school and all about Uganda. The students were so happy to get a letter from her. They all wrote letters back to Sharon and told her about their school, their family and all about Bowling Green, KY. I loved that in one of the letters, Sophia pointed out that there were differences between them and Namususwa, but she also pointed out how many similarities there were.

I am excited to see how their friendship grows as they get to know each other better through letters, and I can’t wait to see how Namususwa’s life is changed by her new friends.

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